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Services for Mining and Oil & Gas Industries

Mining Industries

We also have the capability to manufacture and produce Tubular Forgings with variable thicknesses for mining, rail, transport and oil & gas industries. Whether they be axles for rail and transport industry or flanges, pipe joints other forged parts for Oil & Gas industry, we are your solution providers of choice.

We can also manufacture fibre-glass pipes and flanges according to your specific requirements.

Oil & Gas Industry


Apart from the services mentioned above, we can provide you with equipment from Germany for cold cutting of steel pipes of diameters upto 3000mm (over 9 feet). Our equipment can cut either a straight off or a chamfer if you need to weld two pipes together.

No flames and no risk of fire or spark related accidents.


We also have CNC tubular forging capabilities with the ability to have variable wall thicknesses. Our press exerts 1000 Tonnes/Stroke and 440 Strokes/min. Maximum diameter that we can handle in this press is 460mm and the Maximum Length is 3000mm.

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